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Everything here is digitally derived - photographs and digital sketches and drawings are mixed and morphed in ever changing patterns until "the" image ermerges  If you're so inclined, please let me know what you think: .



By the way, any and all that you see here can by purchased as a giclee print or a print on anodized aluminum. Prices are very reasonable-basically, I just try to cover the cost of the printing and mailing. Interested? Drop me a line


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My Process


Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon wherein we perceive an image within an object or other image that, at least in a literal sense, is not there; for example, seeing the "man in the moon", or the body of a horse in a cloud, or a caterpillar in an inkblot (with my complements to Rorscach).


Pareidolia has long fascinated me and is what motivates my artwork. I strive to discover and elaborate the images that I perceive in a picture or object. My work usually begins with a photograph which I digitally edit, draw and “hand paint" on to reveal the image which I saw in my mind's eye.


My work is digital. For the most part, I paint using my finger, not a pen or brush and never a mouse, with my finger providing the conduit for a conversation between the image and my mind's eye, ultimately leading to the images you see here.



Will C

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